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Why Don’t Bring Your Beautiful Straw Bag On Travels?

Traveling should be an emancipating experience. In many ways, it reveals a part of yourself that is more liberated than you ever imagined, as well as a side of the world that defies expectations. Travel, in our opinion, is the ideal treatment for a mind or a spirit that is unsettled.

We believe that packing light is the greatest approach to have the most genuine travel experience. This allows you to make room for all the magnificent works of civilizations you have yet to meet without the burden of a heavy load behind you. This entails selecting only a few items that have a significant impact on your travel wardrobe, and a rattan bag is one excellent fashion option.

What Makes a Rattan Bag an Ideal Travel Purse?

The material of straw bags is hand-woven straw or bamboo. In many cases, it’s created with a passion that few other handbags or satchels can equal. Whoever the creator is, there is always a level of talent involved that appears in numerous items that are unrivaled.

A Small Crossover

Aside from its one-of-a-kind design, a rattan bag is an ideal travel companion in more ways than one. It’s small enough for any journey, from the city to the countryside, when fashioned as a crossbody bag. Slide your phone, wallet, passport, and any other essentials inside and you’re ready for a night out, a lengthy trip, or even a day at the museum.

A Fashionable Companion

Sure, a rattan bag is a sensible travel companion, but not every item in your baggage needs to be entirely practical. What about the fashion? A rattan bag, in fact, embodies a timeless design that competes with traditional accessories such as gold earrings and ballerina flats. Furthermore, it is an accessory that complements every look, from jeans to gowns (see our blog post on the top 8 ways to style a straw bag). When traveling with a rattan bag, you’ll get a lot of mileage out of your chattel.

Bring a pair of sandals that match

If you’re going somewhere warm, you’ll want to make sure you have the whole complement of accessories. If you bring your favorite pair of shoes, you’ll have enough accessories for many ensembles without even trying. Simply change the clothing you’re wearing with them for a completely different appearance.

For added security, wear your strap over your body

The issue of wandering safety is a common one among travelers. This is especially true for women, whether alone or in groups. Wearing your straw bag strap over your torso rather than simply atop your shoulder can provide you with an added degree of security as you navigate subway stations, walkways, and breathtaking vistas equally. While we always hope for the best, it’s never a bad idea to prepare. A crossbody straw bag may provide you with a lot of peace of mind.

Patterns Should Be In Your Travel Wardrobe

When you travel with a rattan luggage, you really open up a lot of space in your wardrobe for patterns. If you choose to bring a flowery handbag or a bag with a striking design, you would be compelled to concentrate on fundamentals in your luggage. A straw bag, on the other hand, is more neutral than many other bags. You can toss in your favorite flannel, paisley sundress, and leopard print sunglasses without having to pick!

Pack a Simple Scarf to Accessorize Your Bag

We understand if you don’t want to carry the same bag every day of your vacation. You may quickly fold up a bandana, scarf, or neckerchief to solve this without having to bring an extra handbag. That way, when the mood strikes, you may dress up your rattan bag in unique and exciting ways, giving the impression that you’re carrying a completely new pocketbook.

Separate Packing Allows for More Outfit Combination Possibilities

Even if dresses are your favorite thing in the world, limiting your travel wardrobe to one-piece ensembles may limit your ability to mix and match. You may virtually quadruple your wardrobe options by carrying pieces in addition to your distinctive rattan bag. Instead of three distinct costumes, you might have nine or ten.

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