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how to wear a straw bag

The Top 8 Ways To Wear A Straw Bag You Should Know

We all have that one item that we know we’ll wear forever. It’s classic, elegant, and versatile enough to pair with a variety of outfits. However, there may come a moment when you’ll need to come up with fresh and inventive ways to wear your favorite shirt, jacket, or purse. If you possess a traditional straw bags, you’re one of many ladies who find the laid-back look appealing regardless of the season. We don’t blame you; the straw and shape of a circular rattan bag has been a trend we can’t seem to get enough of since it first emerged on the runways a few seasons ago. However, if you’re ready to discover 8 ways to wear a straw bag that will make your trips more exciting, we’ve got you covered.

Add A Splash Of Color By Wrapping A Scarf Around The Handle

Straw Bag with scraft
A lovely scraft will make your straw bag look fantastic!

If you’re a one-of-a-kind individual, you’ll require one-of-a-kind accessories that belong only to you. You’ll be practically wearing a completely new look by shawling the handle or strap of your straw purse with a silk neckerchief, paisley bandana, or lightweight summer scarf. Change the patterns, fabrics, and color schemes to suit the clothing you’re wearing, and don’t forget to have fun!

Add Stripes To A Nautical Look

Straw Bag with Stripes
Are you ready for a travel to the beach?

If a straw bag could speak, it would probably say something like “transport me to the beach!” A straw beach bag becomes the perfect complement to a catamaran day excursion or laid-back beachfront dining experience when matched with a simple set of horizontal stripes. It’ll also keep your essentials within easy reach, so all you have to worry about while out on the town is the salty air.

Add A Straw Bag To The Rope Wedges

Parallelism in fashion, when done well, can be a lovely thing. Pair your naturally summery straw purse with classic rope shoes that love the sun as much as you do. Your ensemble will scream breezy jaunts and sunset strolls thanks to the mirrored and monochrome accessories. Use the straw bag as a crossbody for an evening out on the town or as a carry for your beach essentials.

Try To Combine It With White

A straw bag may be used to transport a range of earth tones. They’re incredibly natural, with colors ranging from bright sandy tones to deep bronze tones. Wearing your straw bag with white clothes, regardless of the shade, will make your purse stand out even more than it already does. Whether it’s white skinny jeans, a white cotton sleeveless dress, or another item that matches your taste, a straw bag will stand out among the bright-eyed ensemble.

Why Don’t Mix It With Black?

Many women’s go-to look is an all-black ensemble. From jeans to heels to sunglasses, a deep, dramatic, and slimming black can achieve something that no other hue can. However, a straw bag, in addition to the monochromatic, may bring a black ensemble to life like never before. It brightens up an ensemble that would otherwise be gloomy, and it also adds a touch of compassion to your tough exterior.

Complete The Straw Bag Look With Sandals

straw beach bag on the beach
Put on your sandals!

Straw bags and sandals were virtually designed to go together. “We didn’t attempt to be cool; we simply are,” both radiate confidence. Wearing them together allows you to exude confidence while shopping, dining, and generally seeing the world while being calm and comfortable.

Add A Straw Bag To Your Denim

Denim is, quite honestly, the most traditional of casual fabrics. It may be dressed up, dressed down, or dressed anywhere in between. You may use a straw bag to liven up washed-out denim, add flair to casual bootcut jeans, or highlight your frayed cuffs. In this day and age, denim may refer to a variety of styles, and your straw bag will go with each one.

Find Maxi Dresses That Go With Your Straw Bag

beautiful girl with straw bag
Straw bag and maxi is a perfect combination

Maxi dresses are trans-seasonal fashion staples that many women wear with ease. They’re elegant while still having a laid-back vibe. Furthermore, they are a statement item that can stand on their own without the addition of a slew of accessories. Throw a beautiful straw purse over your shoulder and your maxi dress ensemble will be complete faster than you imagined.

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