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The Ultimate Beach Travel Packing List You Should Know!

Are you planning to go for beach travel this summer? Do you know what to bring and what not to take with you? Beach travel has its ups and downs and it is important that you have all the necessary things to make your journey pleasurable. If you are going for a long beach travel, then you must prepare everything so you will be able to have a great time. There are things that you must have before you head out to your destination.

Girl on a beach travel
Are you ready for a beach travel?

Protect your skin!

Your beach travel attire must be comfortable enough and you must have appropriate shoes for the sand. Your beach clothing should be in lightweight materials because you will be walking for miles. You must pack sun block lotion for your skin to keep it healthy during your trip. Do not forget to take lotions that will keep you cool in the hot sand. Your swimsuits must be water proof to prevent being wet in the water. Do not forget to carry lip balm and mints for those moments when you want to enjoy the sun’s rays.

It is also very important to bring along some sunscreen and lip balm for your face. A cold ocean breeze will make your lips dry and chapped. You should also protect your skin from the sun’s ultra violet rays. Bring some sun block cream to stay away from the ultra violet rays. It will protect your skin from the harmful Ultraviolet rays and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face.

Girl on the beach
Don’t forget to apply sun cream

Bring your straw beach bag

Your straw beach bag should be well-organized to contain all the necessary beach stuffs. Do not carry unnecessary and bulky items such as sunglasses, sun tan lotion, deodorant and hair spray because they will only occupy too much space.

In addition, the straw beach bag has several other features that make it especially nice for a picnic or other outdoor event. The straw beach bag includes a bottle holder and a handy place to stow your reusable beach umbrellas; there’s also a front slip pocket with plenty of room for your keys, cell phone, pen, and other items. The handle makes it easy to grab securely and the shoulder strap makes carrying it around campus or the beach far more comfortable than with a backpack. A single person can easily carry the entire bag, as is, but if you need to stow two or more bags at once, there are large double handles that let you do so.

Straw beach bag
Don’t forget your straw beach bag!

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Don’t forget your bathing suit

Your bathing suit must be water proof and made of cotton. It is very important for you to bring at least two swimsuits so you can switch at certain times of the day. Your beach towel should be very light and made of cotton, because you will be sitting in the water for long periods of time. You need to bring something to dry your body part after splashing in the water so you should bring along a hair dryer or a towel with absorbent material.

Take your camera!

Your camera must be waterproof and have some type of external protection. You cannot just put any type of camera in water because it might get damaged. If you do not want to end up swimming with a wet lens, you must buy a camera that is water resistant. Remember also to keep some waterproof matches or balls in your luggage to keep yourself entertained in case the water gets too hot.

Girl with camera at the beach
Bring your camera to save beautiful moments

And your sunglasses

The most important items that you need for you to have a great vacation are of course, sunglasses and tanning lotion. Sunglasses can be your best friend as they protect your eyes from the harsh UV rays. You can go for round spectacles or sunglasses. In case you do not have any of them, go for thick glasses which will protect your eyes from any type of flying debris. It will also give you a rough idea about the time for swimming.

These are the simple tips of beach travel. Of course, there are more things that you need to remember when you go for this kind of holiday. However, these things will help you from getting yourself in trouble. Therefore, before you start planning your next beach travel, make sure you prepare everything. Have fun!

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