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The finest straw bags 2021 to buy right now

When the weather heats up, it’s always a good idea to invest in a new summer straw bags 2021. Because accessories are necessary, they should alter with the rest of your seasonal outfit.

As you replace heavy winter materials with lighter linens and cotton, you should also replace your bags. That dependable leather handbag you relied on all winter? It’ll darken your spring flowers and weigh down your airy outfits.

Summer brings longer days, brighter evenings, and, as a result, al fresco lunches and dinners – your clothing should reflect this shift. So, instead of black, opt for warm brown tones and incorporate natural materials such as straw, bamboo, and jute into your outfit.

But don’t be scared to embrace leather; we’ve included a couple choices that will also function well in the winter.

Here are the top straw bags 2021 trends to look out for in spring/summer.

Bucket Straw bags

Straw bucket bags, which are no longer just for the beach, should be a significant role in your spring outfit.

Straw, jute, and wicker bags, which are lighter than leather and hence more relaxed, may give a boho touch to everyday ensembles or tone down fancier pieces.

Do you want something that will endure longer? Look for leather trimmings, which give a stronger silhouette and are more resistant to wear and tear.

Oversized bags

Can’t handle the thought of packing light? This season’s hottest trend is the big tote.

With this one, the larger the better. So you can pack everything but the kitchen sink in yours and yet look stylish — as well as be ready for anything.

Stelar, a new brand on the market, is our favorite alternative. Although these hand-woven bamboo totes were designed for the beach, we’ll be using them for picnics this summer instead.

Straw Crossbody Bags

Don’t worry, light packers: there’s no need to drag around a bulky bag if you don’t want to. Crossbody bags, like airy frocks, seem liberating in the summer since they free up your hands for other things (holding ice creams or a glass of wine at a BBQ, perhaps).

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