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how to take care of your straw bags

How To Take Care Of Your Straw Bags

Do you know how to take care of your straw bags and make it last as long as possible? Check out our recomendations in the following article!

Use scotchguard to protect brand new straw bags

If you didn’t purchase your bag from a thrift store, give it a quick spray down when you come home from the store to prevent it against water (or other) stains, much like you would with a new set of shoes.

Use shellac to protect your colored straw bags

Designer straw bags and purses may benefit from a little application of shellac to keep the color from fading and rubbing off on your clothes. This may mean you have to wait a few hours longer to wear it, but I guarantee it’ll be worth it.

Storing your straw bags

Unless you live somewhere tropical like Hawaii (in which case I’m envious of you), straw bags aren’t a year-round accessory. During the winter, these bags usually need to be stored, and they require a little additional care:

  • When you’re not using your straw bags, keep them inside and out of direct sunlight.
  • Keep it in a non-air-conditioned area (like a closet).
  • Keep your straw bags away from locations with high humidity or that are extremely dry. These fibers can bend or warp as a result of high or low humidity.
  • Keep your straw bag in a cotton storage bag to avoid dust. This woven, natural cloth needs to breathe, so don’t use a plastic bag!

Additional straw bag repair guidelines

The next advice of how to take care of your straw bags is sending your hand bags to a professional if it has rips that can’t be mended at home. Take your straw purse to a professional handbag repair business for stain treatment if it has tenacious stains, such as ink pen markings or oil from liquid cosmetics.

When not in use, keep cosmetics in a zippered waterproof bag in your handbag. Makeup + straw = disaster.

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