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how to style a straw bag

How To Style A Straw Bag For Every Season? Check Out Our Recomendations!

What is the scene that comes to mind when you think of a straw bag? Perhaps it’s summer, and a lovely wind is flowing through your hair, which has been knotted with seawater mists. Maybe it’s a stroll down Main Street in backless sandals, where you plan to spend the afternoon bouncing from mimosa-laden breakfast to local stores. While these beautiful images are worth contemplating, a rattan straw bag is much more than that. If you adore the straw bag style as much as we do, you might be wondering how to expand the boundaries of your favorite handbag. You may, in fact, defy fashion convention by adding a straw purse into your outfit for each season. You can do it with elegance, flair, and effortlessness. Check out our lastest article How to style a straw bag right now!

Straw Bags Were Created for Summer

white girl with a straw tote bag
How to style your straw bag in summer?

Summer is a straw bag’s dream. Summer is when the straw bag first appeared and thrived. If you want to style a straw bag for summer, you don’t need to do much, but there are certain techniques to make this look uniquely yours.

Experiment with the forms of straw bags you bring into your closet. You don’t have to stay with the standard bag that many beachgoers choose. If you look hard enough, you may find round tiny crossbody bags, flat-bottomed shoulder bags, and even see-through totes with complex woven patterns. By changing the form of such a classic accessory, you’ll demonstrate that your fashion sense is a force to be reckoned with.

Wear your rattan bag with brightly colored clothes. White denim is a favorite of ours since it evokes emotions of a carefree summer. Together, they demonstrate that you may feel free and look stylish in the same outfit. If nautical horizontal stripes or slip-on sandals in a matching color aren’t your style, try slip-on sandals in a matching hue.

Autumn Straw Bag Styling

girl with straw bucket bag
The combination of sweater and straw bag is so wonderful!

Autumn is a season of transition. It reflects a beauty in impermanence, and it does so in full color as the leaves gently float to the earth’s surface. We think this season is a lot of fun to style because of the layers required for chilly nights and the vivid earth tones you get to play with.

Slip a tonal paisley bandana through the strap of your favorite straw purse to update it for fall. This appearance will feel especially natural if the strap is made of leather. Bandanas in maroon, eggplant, mustard, avocado, red clay, or olive are popular. Your possibilities are limitless, and you can always change up the scarf to match your attire for the day.

In the fall, a straw purse looks fantastic with a loose, button-up cashmere sweater. The somewhat wool-like texture complements the solid form of the rattan purse, rounding out the overall aesthetic. An ankle bootie and an oversized scarf just add to the look. That’s all there is to it! You now have an autumnal straw bag.

Winter Straw Bag Styling

girl with large straw bag
Stay warm and stay cool!

We like violating fashion norms for our own gain. Who says you can’t use straw throughout the winter? Not only that, but you can make it appear as natural as it feels.

Opting for a bag with a darker-colored inside lining that peeks through the outside is a fun way to dress up your rattan purse for winter. A black lining with white polka dots is a fantastic alternative since it enhances the atmosphere of the bag without being too overpowering. With this one-of-a-kind modification, you’ll have a simpler time matching your straw item to your seasonally suitable outfit.

To that end, styling a straw purse for your winter outfit is a breeze. Combine it with monochromes, such as all-black ensembles made of cotton or denim. The construction of the bag will compliment these colors and materials in a way that will only benefit the wearer. A simple rattan purse softens a fierce black boot, bringing balance to your attire.

Straw and Spring Walk Hand in Hand

girl with straw hand bag
You will look so fresh in spring with this style

Springtime exudes a sense of renewal, new beginnings, and levity. If you opt to put your straw bag in storage during the winter, bringing it out may be a refreshing experience for both your clothing and your attitude. All you have to do is learn how to style it for the season, and you’ll be well on your way to a thriving style.

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