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girl with straw crossbody bag

How To Make A Straw Crossbody Bag?

Some of the links in this post may be affiliate links, which means that if you click on them and buy something, I’ll get a little commission at no extra cost to you. Straw bags have been my obsession, and I adore the way they look. They’re beachy and bohemian, and they go with everything. They’re the ideal bag! I adore finding them at thrift stores at very low costs, but the problem with thrift stores is that you never know what styles they’ll have or if they’ll even have the styles you’re looking for. You can get them both online and in stores. I adore the look of the straw crossbody bag so much that I decided to make one myself.

What to prepare?

  • 2 24′′ Woven Placemats
  • Jute/Burlap Ribbon, Wide (here or here) Joann’s was where I got mine.
  • Belt
  • A needle and a spool of twine (in matching color)
  • Scissors
  • Clips for Sewing (optional)
  • Punch a hole in leather (optional)



Cut the ribbon to the size of the tablecloth, leaving a hole large enough to put stuff into the purse open on top. Then fold the ribbon’s edges over a centimeter or two and sew them down to keep the edges from fraying.


You may either use the sewing clips to secure the ribbon to the placemats or simply begin stitching without them. The clips will work if your placemat is thin enough, but my clips were too little to clip the placemats, so I just sewed them down instead of using the clips.

Instead of thread, you should use twine because it is thicker and more durable. Sew the other placemat to the ribbon after you’ve sewn the first one to the ribbon.


Now it’s time for the strap. I paid roughly $2 for my belt online. You have the option of leaving the buckle on or doing what I did. I reshaped the buckle to fit the opposite end of the belt (pictured above). Then I punched a hole in it the same size as the holes on the belt so I could lace the twine through it and tie it to the straw bag.

I started on the top right and laced the twine through the belt’s hole, then to the bottom left, through the hole again, to the top left, through the hole, to the bottom right, and repeated the process twice more. I prefer the look of the “X,” but you may fasten it whatever you want as long as it is secure.

Now you have a beautiful straw crossbody bag for yourself!!!

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One comment

  1. Mai

    So cute. I really want to have one too!!!

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