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how to clean a straw bag

How To Clean A Straw Bag Step By Step

Summer staples include straw, wicker, and rattan bags: Straw, rattan, and wicker bags are always in style, no matter what year it is. You want your bag to look beautiful and last as long as possible, whether you spend hundreds of dollars on a brand-new designer straw bag or just a few pennies on a thrift shop discovery. Do you know, however, how to clean a straw bag? Yes, it is true!

How Often Should Fabric and Straw Handbags Be Cleaned?

Fabric and straw bags of all brands will ultimately need to be cleaned. Clean your handbag every two to three months if you use it every day. A good cleaning every six to nine months should enough for special event handbags. Take the time to thoroughly clean your luggage. Because many high-end fabric bags are trimmed with leather, they should never be washed or dried in a machine or left to soak in a sink. The best approach to recover your bag is to clean it by hand.

large straw beach bag
Let’s your straw bags get ready for this summer!

Learn how to clean a straw bag step by step

  • Prepare your purses for a thorough cleaning before you begin. When working with a luxury handbag, this is even more crucial since you want that pricey piece of arm candy to stay! And, before you ask, that Kate Spade bag up there has a genuine price tag…
  • Begin by emptying all of the pockets in your luggage. Open all zippers and clasps, and shake your straw bag upside down to get any dirt, crumbs, or garbage out.
  • Turn the bag inside out so that you can view the whole lining. Get in there with a lint roller to get all of the crumbs and dust.
  • Look for any care labels and/or the sort of materials used in your straw bag. While cleaning, follow any suggested care instructions.
  • Dyes that are readily removed during washing and repair can be sprayed on colored straw bags. Wipe your handbag with a moist towel to see whether it’s colorfast. For testing, choose a small area on the inside edge or bottom of the bag.
  • Stuff your straw bag with old t-shirts or paper before washing or mending it to retain its form as you clean.
  • Try to put your luggage on its side or at a 45-degree angle as often as possible.

Use simple soap and cold water to clean a straw bag.

Follow these procedures to clean your bag once it’s ready:

  • Make a soap combination to remove any surface debris, similar to how you would clean your own makeup brushes. To begin cleaning your purse, combine two to three drops of dish soap or baby shampoo in a basin filled with cold water.
  • In the suds, dip a white cotton rag or a soft old T-shirt.
  • Using your cleaning rag, wring out the water until it’s barely moist to the touch. If the cloth is really wet, the extra water will seep into your straw purse, leaving a permanent stain.
  • To eliminate surface debris, simply wipe off your straw bag with a wet towel. Scrubbing too vigorously might cause harm to the fragile straw strands.
  • Rinse your cloth with cold water to remove any remaining soap. Wring out the rag one more, then gently wipe the straw bag to remove any remaining soap.
  • Repetition is required! Here are a few more pointers to ensure that this process takes the dirt out of your straw bags while you’re washing them:
  • Wipe your bag down gently and in the direction of the weave of the straw bag; if you wipe against the grain of the straw, you risk damaging the fibers.
  • Allow at least 12 hours for your straw bag to dry completely away from heat or humidity.
  • Allow your straw bag to air dry away from direct sunshine if you wet it too much.

Use an alcohol bath to brighten the colors of your straw bag

Try diluting alcohol with water if your straw bag is getting a touch dingy (about a 4:1 ratio of alcohol to water). Using a cotton cloth, softly blot this mixture over the straw’s surface.

Try wiping darker straw bags with a dark-colored cloth soaked with your alcohol mixture, then polishing them softly with a dark-colored velvet piece to increase the color and restore the gloss.

Use a toothbrush to remove oil and grease stains

Brush your straw bag using a small-bristled brush (like a toothbrush) if you have grease or oil stains to help bring the stain to the surface.

Mix one cup of warm water with a few drops of dishwashing soap. Dip a toothbrush in the soap and water mixture. Rub the discolored area gently with the soapy toothbrush, following the grain of the straw. To eliminate any soap residue or loosened dirt, wipe the area with a clean white cloth soaked in water.

Get dust and dirt out with your vacuum

Use a vacuum attachment to remove caked-on debris or stains! Using the upholstery brush and a vacuum, the best approach to maintain woven straw bags dust and grime free is to vacuum them.

What if you don’t have an upholstery brush? Take a transparent nylon stocking and drape it over the nozzle end of your vacuum’s hose attachment. To gently lift ground-in dirt, graze the hose over the surface of the bag and secure it with a rubber band.

Scrape out old dirt with tweezers

Tweezers are excellent for digging deep into any dirt that has become entrenched. Just make sure you don’t pierce the straw!

Use rubber cement and fabric to fix tears in your straw handbag

The next step of this “How to clean a straw bag” article is repairing tiny tears in straw bags that don’t have a lining using rubber cement. Apply the rubber cement to the rear of the rip on the interior of the purse. To seal the tear, place your fabric on the inside of the tear and push it against the ripped straw. To make sure it seals, hold it for 15 seconds.

After the cement has dried, use a tiny towel to gently dab the area. Allow your straw bag to dry overnight before removing any excess adhesive with tweezers (or your fingernail).

Dry your straw bag immediately if it gets wet

Do not pass go if your straw bag becomes wet. Collect no more than $200. Drop everything and air dry your bag, especially if it’s a high-end designer bag. Run, not stroll, and air dry your luggage after wiping it off with a towel. This might save you a lot of grief and a completely destroyed straw bag.

Use bleach and water to remove mold or mildew

Is your straw bag growing mold or mildew? Aside from the obvious (yuck!) this can happen if your luggage becomes wet and isn’t dried out quickly enough. Mold and mildew may be removed with a solution of bleach and water. With a moist soft cloth, gently massage the mixture in.

Other tips

  • Fabric purses with no leather trim or internal structural supports may be cleaned by hand in the same way as a sweater. Use lukewarm water and a mild soap. Do not wring your hands. Rinse well and air dry away from direct sunlight.
  • Protect new cloth bags with a stain-resistant spray like TexGuard or Scotchgard.
  • Use packing tape with the adhesive side out to tap all over the handbag to take up dust, lint, and dander between cleanings for a straw purse.
  • To avoid stains, keep your cosmetics in a zipped waterproof bag in your handbag.
  • To avoid stains, keep your cosmetics in a zipped waterproof bag in your handbag.
  • Take the purse to the dry cleaner if the care label indicates not to wash it at home if you don’t want to use water on the fabric.
  • Fill a small bottle with baking soda, pour it inside the bag, and leave it to absorb the odor for 24 hours to help eliminate smells.
  • To avoid soiling your handbag, be careful where you lay it down. Public areas’ flooring can quickly discolor your luggage, necessitating further cleanings.

Wanna see more tips and trick to keep your straw bags in good condition? Or you are looking for a new straw bag that suits your need? Check out our website!

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