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girl with straw handbag

7 Steps To Repair And Clean Straw Handbags. Discover now!

A luxury straw handbag is a summer must-have that will elevate your linen dresses and beach cover-ups. If your straw bag is in need of repair, use these methods to restore its attractiveness and enhance its color without harming the fragile material. Discover the following tips and tricks to repair and clean straw handbags safety. […]

girl with straw handbag

What Do You Know About Straw Handbag And Its Advantages?

Straw handbags are not what they used to be. In fact, straw has been around for so long, that no one seems to have heard of the strawman. But, when you are talking about this, it is the handbag that comes from the “straw”, i.e. the plant that was used to make the bags. Let […]

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