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This website is dedicated to all the fans of straw accessories, especially straw bags for summer of all types, who’re dying to show their affection by straw bags. Here we provide all types of bags from straw such as straw beach bags, straw handbags, straw crossbody bags, straw tote bags, straw round bags and many more. Although in many locations it’s tough to purchase bags from straw and the equipment to go together with them, we provide all of them.


A straw bag is usually smaller than that of a traditional handbag. It is also known as a lapsed bag. The straw purse is created by taking a small section of straw and twisting it into a rope shape. This is then tied around the waist with a string, so the straw looks like a bag.

Most straw bags are constructed out of Raffia, which has more of a beachwear look to them. Other materials such as bamboo or leatherette can also be utilized as a replacement for straw. The materials utilized will really showcase details such as knitting or embroidery.

A straw bag with a crossbody tote is an ideal addition to any girl’s evening wardrobe. The tote is very attractive because of its diverse style. It is not only eye catching but it is also practical as well. In terms of design, the straw bag with the crossbody tote is characterized mostly by an open front with a zipper that runs along the inside of the bag.

As compared to other bags

These bags have a more contemporary look. You can find them in a variety of colors and designs. These types of bags are more expensive but are extremely practical. Because of their uniqueness, it is no wonder that they have more price points than other types of bags. With all the different color options, you can even get ones that have different prints on them. If you have a simple but elegant look, then a white straw bag would be a perfect choice.

If you want a beach-going accessory but you live in the city, then you should definitely consider adding a straw bag to your summer wardrobe. The beach bag comes in a variety of styles and colors. A beach bag is made from materials such as twine, nylon and canvas. When used in summer, the tote bag allows you to carry plenty of things while at the beach. Aside from carrying your beach gear and towels, you can also keep your sun tan in a zippered compartment. If you are worried about the beach, then you can always wear your bikini under the tote bag to protect your skin from the harsh beach weather.

Straw beach bags can either come as a backpack or a tote. The straw bags with tote features an insulated bottle holder and a spacious interior with lots of pockets and compartments. The bags with backpack are perfect for carrying all your essentials while at the beach. If you want to feel like you’re on a tropical island, then you should definitely pack a straw bag and check out some fun accessories online.


In we put all the attention in our products, making sure that all of them are high quality and also trendy. Here you can find straw bags with different designs.

Moreover, at we offer free worldwide shipping, which is fast and convenient. You will not have to wait too long to receive your own straw bag. You also have a lot of payment options, from Paypal to Credit/Debit Cards. If you have difficulty with supply? If your product arrives late or broken? In any of those circumstances, please contact us at our email [email protected]


At we not only sell this type of bag as a way to run business but try our best to build a community where we can share our passion with straw accessories. Besides straw products, there are many articles where you can find some tips and tricks such as Best straw bags for summer to buy, Straw beach bags for summer, How to clean a straw bag step by step, etc.

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